Testogen: Is this the best testosterone booster available online?

With unfettered access to lots of testosterone booster on the internet, you may be caught up in the process of finding one that works.

First, I was skeptical about the efficiency of natural supplements. I decided to give “Testogen” a try because it had the most positive reviews. For the past three months, I have been using it and here is my review of the results.

Review Summary:
  • Gives more energy.
  • Burn fat pretty well.
  • It helps to get better workouts.
  • Effective muscle building.
  • Excellent for my general well-being.

In my early twenties, I enjoyed lifting weights and super excited with the burns, sweat and how refreshing it is after taking a shower. But now in my thirties, I feel less energetic. Now, I can only struggle for an hour or fewer workouts. My belly was getting podgy day after day; wrinkles started forming on my face and getting tired quickly. I researched and found that from the mid-20s to early 30s men testosterone levels start to diminish.

The first week of use:

My head felt relieved the first time I took it. After taking testosterone for the first week, I started getting out of bed early and feeling more energetic throughout the day. My workout results changed too. Other changes I noticed was that my skin changed pretty well and the forehead wrinkles start to disappear gradually.

Three Months of Use:

Now after three months of use here are the remarkable benefits I experienced:

More Energy:

Before I easily get lazy and tired pretty easily, but now I feel more energetic and active like I was in my younger years. Some colleagues even ask about my secret sauce.

Burn Fat Well:

Before I started taking Testogen, I was accumulating more fats mainly in the belly and losing muscle definition. Working out and taking Testosterone has helped me to burn much fat.

Better Workouts:

I was able to achieve better sessions without getting tired easily—boosts my level of energy.

Builds Muscle:

I have been able to add up more gains.

Younger and healthier:

One of the outstanding results I’ve seen is that I now feel younger and healthier. When I use face gestures before, you won’t find it hard to notice the wrinkles around my eyes and forehead.

What is this Testogen? You may ask.

It is a supplement made of natural ingredients to boost testosterone level in the body.

Why does it work?

In research, few of the ingredients used were combine and given to 60 men with low testosterone level for 60 days. BY the end of the study, 90% of the participants’ testosterone level was boosted than men of their age.

Some of the Ingredients:
D Aspartic Acid:

Acting as the primary ingredient, D Aspartic Acid is an amino acid which helps synthesize more testosterone in your balls.

Tribulus Terrestris:

100mg of this per day will have tremendous benefits on your testosterone levels. Testogen contains 300mg per serving Tribulus Terrestris.

Panax Ginseng:

This helps in improving blood flow in the body and deliver more oxygen to the muscles. This helps with stamina and energy.

Fenugreek Extract:

Fenugreek has been confirmed to reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels in men. Additionally, it’s very effective in reducing inflammation and cholesterol. Will also increase libido.



Zinc contributes to testosterone build up in men. Testogen contains 72mg which is plenty.

Vitamin B2, B5, and B6:

This group of Vitamins forms a powerful amino acid to reduce estrogen levels.


Testogen contains 45.2mcg of selenium. To ascertain its contribution, groups of men were given 30mcg selenium for a month, and their testosterone level went by 36%.

Vitamin D:

A research was conducted in 2011 by the Hormone and Metabolic Research Lab on the effectiveness of Vitamin D supplement on men with a low level of testosterone. They have 50% of the men take placebos, and other 50% of the participants take both placebos and Vitamin D. A year later, men both turn out to have a higher level of testosterone hormone.


If you want to increase your testosterone level and see a jump in your health, Testogen is a natural supplement that I can easily recommend.


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