Want to feeling overweight & useless? YOU need to read this.

If you are happy being overweight, don’t read this article. You have every right to be any shape or size you choose. The operative word here is “choose.” If you feel that your weight affects you negatively then you may want to think about tackling this issue. Be aware that some people are designed to be larger than others with a heavier build, but if your size is curtailing your enjoyment of life or damaging your health then you may want to tackle this.

There are hundreds of books and programs designed to help you lose weight. But if these were successful there would not be a billion dollar diet industry. Anyone can lose weight; it is keeping it off that is the hard part. If you’ve dieted several times and have not managed to lose or maintain or lower weight, food and eating are probably not the issue. How can I say that? Well if you are fat, and despite claims that you want to be thinner, you remain fat, then it is evident that food and eating are more than “food and eating” to you.

You will need to work out what “role” food plays for you and what “benefits” you keep by remaining fat. Food can be a way of comforting ourselves, a form of solace, a way of avoiding facing up to situations or confronting what is really going on. We can address our anger, loneliness, depression or hurt by eating and thus avoid having to confront the real emotional issues. Being fat is a good way of insulating yourself against the world and protecting yourself from being hurt. It also means you can avoid the risk of trying new things — “I’ll do that when I’ve lost weight.” Why not live your life now; you will never get back any of the time already spent. Unless you feel secure, healthy and happy being overweight, it is not much fun.

Once you have worked out what your issues are — boredom, anger, loneliness, an unwillingness to confront loved ones — and what food represents for you: comfort, love, swallowing your feelings, then you can decide to do something different.

Anything involving exercise is a good choice. Go for a walk, start swimming, take up a sport or dancing. Generally set about moving more and replacing eating with some other, pleasurable activities — knitting, reading, singing, dancing, anything that’s enjoyable and makes you feel good. Making a decision to eat food with a diet supplement can benefit you tremendously, just make sure it’s the right one and have a balanced diet plan.

From real-life experiences we’ve all been through the rabbit hole of feeling like we’re overweight and let’s be honest, it puts us in a deeper hole of comfort eating. If you obtain the right mindset to change your life for good you will do it. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t go expecting results instantly, work at it and sculpt the body you deserve and love.

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